About Us

Landscape Products Inc. is a family owned and operated company.  We have been producing landscape supplies and covering Florida since 1984. We started packaging by hand, producing 200-500 bags per week. Within our first 6 months of business the first bagging machine in the south was purchased that helped produce up to 6,000 bags per day. We were supplying feed stores to box stores, at that time Builders Square, and Scotty’s were mulch bags was done by weight which was 30 lbs. Soon our packaging went to 2 cu ft. which many follow as today’s standard practice.

Landscape Products Inc. started producing their own mulches in 1996, and produced the first colored (RED) mulch in 1997, introducing it to Home Depot in January 1998, where it then was a part of the Florida landscape in the south. Landscape Products Inc. then produced Gold, Black and Brown mulches that beautify a landscape and colorant that lasts a full year.

Landscape Products Inc. now manufactures, packages and ships over 20 different landscaping ground covers throughout Florida and the Caribbean, beautifying the landscape, making long lasting relationships which continue for many seasons. Landscape Products Inc. has many distributers throughout the state, and our products have been on these shelves over the years–Publix, Winn-Dixie, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart.  Also, many amusement parks bring long lasting safe materials to our environment. Thanks from Landscape Products Inc. for letting us be a part of your projects year after year.